Offhand Sword

Dual wield
Implementation plan to offhand Sword in the next update. A normal weak sword with your right hand. Having a left hand makes it a sword capable of fast attack. Due to the specification of Minecraft, using the item on the right swings the sword. Therefore, if you have a shield you attack as well as defending.

Only enchantments SHARPNESS, SMITE, BANE_OF_ARTHROPODS apply. As usual with the main hand enchantment as usual is applied.

Continuous attack with click hold can not be done because wait time occurs. Continuous attacks are made by clicking repeatedly. Knock back is small.

Also, the degree of satiety is easy to reduce. No critical hits or sweep attacks occur.

As a usage method, let's make it a critical hit in the main hand, Attacking with an offhand sword immediately will cause further damage.

Please wait for the next update.


1.11.2ver update

Mob 's spawn condition was the same as vanilla.
I spawned with brightness 8 or less until the last time, so even if I check it with spawn checker it has spawned.
I think it will be easier to play a little.


I do not have much time.

Recently, I can not have time to modding. Wait a moment for the update. It will be fixed during this week.


Spawn condition

Changed spawn condition of additional mob. It was always making a situation that puts herself in danger, but it seems to be unpopular. Slightly different from the vanilla's spawn condition seems to give "difficulty".

I certainly consider the matter of "killer rabbit" which is only present as data. It seems that it is useless that you can not use the method to make it brighter and not spawn in torches.

I want to make it a bit different ... I will return the spawn condition to the vanilla.






iYAMATO's Mod and iYAMATO's Mob Mod update. It corresponds to Biomes O Plenty.

iYAMATO's Mob Mod added Plasma Cutter and Stasis Module. Please see each page for details.

Stasis Module

Plasma Enargy

Stasis Pack

Power Node



Plasma Cutter
I made Plasma Cutter. It plans to implement in the next version. You can level up by crafting with power nodes. It becomes powerful with bullet number, power and special.

There was another request to support "Biomes O Plenty", so I am correcting it. I think I can release it soon.


iYAMATO's Mob mod ver.0.0.3 Released

Super Class
iYAMATO's Mob mod ver.0.0.3 has been released. As we gradually become DeadSpace, should we also add weapons? Do you want a plasma cutter or something?

The super class is a fairly powerful mob, but the spawning rate is low, so I think that the balance is taken.

iYAMATO's Mob mod ver.0.0.3リリースしました。徐々にDeadSpaceになってきているので武器も追加した方がいいのだろうか(;´Д`)プラズマカッターとか欲しいですかね?