0.2.1 for 1.12.2 update

Added Javelin gun.
After shooting the first bullet, shoot while sneaking and generate electric shock. It will explode further as the level becomes maximum. This explosion does not erase items etc.

I added a new mob.
Also changed the method of advanced suit.

Javelin gun追加。



1.12.2 Update!

Engineering Suit

Advanced Suit
Added engineer suit and advanced suit that was requested. Also added a new mob.

However, the version of forge needs to be or later. It does not correspond before that.





My desktop.
Currently trying to add new items. Also it plans to add structure. I'm starting composing, so I wish I could add records.


About future updates

The old version of forge is gone. I will produce it with the latest recommendation forge - 1.12.2 -

Along with this, old versions will not be compatible. Please be careful.




modding and JDK8

I changed the notebook computer from HDD to SSD. The operation became faster ... However,

Eclipse Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2) does not recognize workspace.

Install JAVA the latest version 10. However, although it starts up, it seems that the build path has changed, and examining and trying variously are also strange behavior. Since it's so, I download the recommended version forge. I did a gradlew setupDecompWorkspace, but I get angry at the command prompt "JAVA 9 or 10 is not supported!" (; 'Д `)

Could it be: It does not recognize unless it is JDK 8

I tried to JAVA 8 ... Command prompt started downloading normally. And BUILD SUCCESSFUL.

Start Eclipse ... Copy mod to src folder ... What? I get an error ... Method changed in 1.12.2-2611 ... (; 'Д `) To rewrite the class of Item. This has to be updated.

However, there is a problem with compatibility with this. Perhaps it is better to break it down here.

The program is difficult.



Eclipse Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2)がきちんとワークスペースを認識しない…(;´Д`)

JAVAが入ってないのかなと最新版である10をインスコ。しかし、起動はするがビルドパスがおかしくなってしまったようで、ググりながら調べていろいろ試すもなんかおかしい。せっかくなのでforgeのバージョンを最新レコメンド版にしようと思いダウンロードしてgradlew setupDecompWorkspaceしたところ、「JAVA9とか10はサポートしてねぇよゴラァ!」とコマンドプロンプトで怒られる(;´Д`)


8にしてみた…コマンドプロンプトが正常にダウンロード開始。そしてBUILD SUCCESSFUL。

Eclipseを起動…srcフォルダにmodをコピーして…あれ? エラーが出る…1.12.2-2611でメソッド変わってるじゃん…(;´Д`)Itemのクラスを軒並み書き換える羽目に。これはアップデートしないといけません。

で、メソッドを修正→デバッグ→起動(;´・ω・)=3 フゥ




Mod Update

Updated mod. Method modification of repeater bow and crank repeater bow, performance adjustment of various shooting weapons, method modification of some mobs, renaming of recipe json file, etc. were done.

Fine bugs may still occur. In that case please report it.



After installing JAVA 9, it became impossible to build. After all uninstalling and solving problems if you set it to JAVA 8. For the time being, we will continue to produce at 8.

Fixed the Greatsword recipe. I am sorry for troubling you. Also, Red Ender Man spawns during the day, but I use the same method as Ender Man. It may have spawned in the shade and warped. If similar things happen, they will be saved if they are reported.


グレートソードのレシピを修正した。ご迷惑かけて申し訳ない。あと、Red Ender Manが日中にスポーンするとのことだが、Ender Manと同じメソッドを使用している。日陰でスポーンしてワープしたのかもしれない。もし似たようなことが起きたら報告してもらえると助かる。