1.11.2, 1.12.2 mod update!

iYAMATO's Mob Mod update!New version of 1.11.2, 1.12.2.
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Line Gun

Flame Thower

Seeker Riflle

Pulse Rifle

Plasma Saw

Force Gun
Download : https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/iyamatos-mob-mod

Updated information

I updated the information, but it seems I can not download it yet. Please wait until CurseForge is updated.


New Weapons

Pulse Rifle
Pulse Rounds 
Line Gun
Line Racks

Flame Thrower

Flame Fuel

Seeker Rifle

Seeker Shells

It is coming soon. It is no doubt this time.


coming soon?

I made a gun that could fire newly, but it did not behave as expected. I searched for a tutorial but I found only old things. Current production is suspended. I asked a question at an informal forum in Japan, but since I just posted it I have not received a reply.

It will take time.

If you hold the right click, the gun will rampage ('· ω · `) !!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that recoil can be reproduced.


Next update coming soon

Line Gun

Flame Thrower
I succeeded in creating a new weapon. I am also making a new mob. Of course I plan to correspond to 1.12.2.



Sometimes I write something that does not relate to Minecraft.

Occasionally I do the sound of the wedding reception party at work. I use djay which is iPadPro's application. The reaction is slow if it is a normal cd player.

In addition, SONY α 7 II, Panasonic HC - VX 985 M for photographic equipment. I also use TASCAM's DR-40 for recording equipment. DR - 40 was also used to record voice of Minecraft mob.

Such a daily life.


Bug in BiomeDictionary?

It should be able to get biome from BiomeDictionary # getBiomes in version 1.11.2, but why Null is returned. Since the 1.11.2 version does not exist in the famous MOD "Mo 'Creatures", it may be a bug in Forge's side.

Uploaded the latest version to CurseForge. However, the 1.11.2 version does not correspond to Biomes O 'Plenty. Instead, it specifies the biome to spawn with vanilla biome.

In addition, I modified the json recipe file of Plasma Cutter, Stasis Module, and also modified the config file. Some of the mobs did not spawn in the config file.

Because it is made by one person, sometimes forget the setting item. I am grateful to get to the bug report each time. I will continue to do my best in the future.

1.11.2版でBiomeDictionary#getBiomesからバイオームを取得できるはずなのだが、なぜかNullを返す不具合に遭遇。著名なMODである「Mo' Creatures」に1.11.2版が存在しないので、もしかしたらForge側のバグなのかもしれない。

最新版をCurseForgeにアップロードしました。ただし、1.11.2版はBiomes O' Plentyに対応していません。その代わりに、バニラバイオームでスポーンするバイオームを指定してあります。




The end was like hell

I received a report that nearly all mobs spawned at the end. I thought that it was impossible to end Ender Dragon and mob at the same time, so I corrected it soon.

The setting of the biome dictionary was wrong ... I'm sorry ('· ω · `)

ほぼすべてのmobがthe endでスポーンするという報告を受けたので即修正。エンダードラゴンとmobを同時に相手するのはまず無理というか、見た瞬間笑ってしまった(∀`*ゞ)



1.12.2 version mod release

1.12.2 version release.
Since the sound playback in multi play was solved, 1.12.2 version release. iYAMATO's Mob Mod is available for tactical reloading.

Installation should be installed in the server and client's mods folder.

For details, please visit the menu at the top of the page.

マルチプレイでのサウンド再生が解決したので1.12.2版リリース。iYAMATO's Mob Modの方はタクティカルリロード可能です。



I did it!

Successfully played sound with multiplayer!

It seems there was no need to use EventBus. @ Mod.EventSubscriber was important.

('· ω · `) I got tired ... It took me five hours ...

1.12.2 version self-made mod problem

No additional sounds are played in Multiplayer.  In single play the sound is playing. Since nothing is written in the log, it will take time to solve it.