Mod Update

Updated mod. Method modification of repeater bow and crank repeater bow, performance adjustment of various shooting weapons, method modification of some mobs, renaming of recipe json file, etc. were done.

Fine bugs may still occur. In that case please report it.



After installing JAVA 9, it became impossible to build. After all uninstalling and solving problems if you set it to JAVA 8. For the time being, we will continue to produce at 8.

Fixed the Greatsword recipe. I am sorry for troubling you. Also, Red Ender Man spawns during the day, but I use the same method as Ender Man. It may have spawned in the shade and warped. If similar things happen, they will be saved if they are reported.


グレートソードのレシピを修正した。ご迷惑かけて申し訳ない。あと、Red Ender Manが日中にスポーンするとのことだが、Ender Manと同じメソッドを使用している。日陰でスポーンしてワープしたのかもしれない。もし似たようなことが起きたら報告してもらえると助かる。