Bug in BiomeDictionary?

It should be able to get biome from BiomeDictionary # getBiomes in version 1.11.2, but why Null is returned. Since the 1.11.2 version does not exist in the famous MOD "Mo 'Creatures", it may be a bug in Forge's side.

Uploaded the latest version to CurseForge. However, the 1.11.2 version does not correspond to Biomes O 'Plenty. Instead, it specifies the biome to spawn with vanilla biome.

In addition, I modified the json recipe file of Plasma Cutter, Stasis Module, and also modified the config file. Some of the mobs did not spawn in the config file.

Because it is made by one person, sometimes forget the setting item. I am grateful to get to the bug report each time. I will continue to do my best in the future.

1.11.2版でBiomeDictionary#getBiomesからバイオームを取得できるはずなのだが、なぜかNullを返す不具合に遭遇。著名なMODである「Mo' Creatures」に1.11.2版が存在しないので、もしかしたらForge側のバグなのかもしれない。

最新版をCurseForgeにアップロードしました。ただし、1.11.2版はBiomes O' Plentyに対応していません。その代わりに、バニラバイオームでスポーンするバイオームを指定してあります。



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